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Wordless Wednesday: The Hague, the largest village of The Netherlands!

Coat of Arms of the monarch - queen Beatrice - of The Netherlands.

Ridderzaal - or Knights' Hall - (at the Binnenhof - or Inner Court), which is used for the state opening of Parliament on the third Tuesday in September, Prinsjesdag, when the Dutch monarch drives to Parliament in the Golden Carriage and delivers the speech from the throne.

Binnenhof again. This is also where our government is housed.

Art. So typical for us. Biking in the rain. And yes, we do use umbrella's while biking...

Dutch New Herring... yikes! That's right, I abhor the delicacy of The Netherlands. Sad. I know.

Het Torentje - or The Little Tower - is the office of our prime minister. Cute eh?

One of the very few left-over phone booths in our digital age. Had to 'use' it!

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Wordless Wednesday: Antwerp!

Central Train Station, Antwerp

I saw my first 3D movie about my old little blue Belgium friends in Antwerp, how cool is that?

My new lamp for in my living room from a coffee shop in Antwerp. (I wish!)

Beautiful statue!

What can I say? Antwerp is the Chocolate capital of Europe (or the world?)

The old cathedral in Old City, Antwerp

Fresh peppermint tea at Old City square in Antwerp. Mmmmm! What you can't see is that we had a Brussels Waffle with it, yummy!


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Wordless Wednesday – Painting the corridor!

Project for the day: painting upper part of corridor.

No, that is NOT a giant drip! It's a sticky-like-gum stuck-on-the-wall left-over balloon...

A nice salmon-red, just like one wall in the living room.


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Wordless Wednesday

Well,  always wanted to do that,  cuz I thought it would be fun to ‘talk’ with photo’s or a video.  Now I can!! Cuz I’ve got my new compact camera, yay!!!

Showing you my beloved beach & North Sea, especially for all my peeps-over-the-ocean who have never seen it ;).  And you better enjoy,  I not only got wet feet (which I don’t mind),  but also wet trousers!  See what I am willing to put up with to let you enjoy my most favorite place in the Netherlands???

Let’s see how this video goes… NOT!  Grrr,  seems to be in an extension that WP doesn’t trust. *sigh*

So,  it’ll have to be pics then, shame you can’t hear them :

The... North Sea!!!

Beach towards the next little town about 2 miles away. Awesome walk!

What you find on my beach

My feet planted firmly on the Rock! (And no, I don't shave my legs, shocker, I know)

Little beach sheds for storage, handy he?

Natural sand sculpture


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