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Sleeping my days away…

Frustrated… so hoped to get some results today.

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I have been extremely tired in the last couple of weeks. As in,  while reading, my eyes are falling shut.  Or,  while behind the computer,  my eyes are falling shut.  Or,  while sitting in my chair,  I have to go and lie down.  On the couch,  but I even retreated to my bed a few times.


And of course during this time I didn’t keep my mood chart.  Just when it would have been so friggin’ useful to look back to see if there are any links between meds,  events,  moods and tiredness,  there is nothing to look at.

Double crap…

It has even pulled me into a depression.  That is a first,  as far as I can remember.  It’s because I didn’t have the energy to do anything enjoyable,  I think.  Now nothing is really enjoyable.  Usually it is the other way around.  I get depressed and as a result I sleep more and hang around doin’ nuthin’.

Since my thyroid function has been pretty low,  I had extensive lab work done.  Today I saw my pdoc and expected some answers.  Unfortunately there were none to be had.  No lab report had come in.  (insert expletive)

I was holding on in hopes to get a step further today.  Now I have to wait longer.  That sucks.  Bad.

Tiredness is so difficult to handle as there are myriad reasons why I could be tired.

I have recently come off a certain pain med.  Even though pdoc looked it up and there is no indication that coming off of it causes tiredness,  you never know.  I’ve had some whacky side effects before,  falling in the ‘hardly ever’ category.

It could of course be stress.  Well,  that is,  the results of it,  since the stressful events have passed some time ago.

Or maybe it is  some iron or vitamin deficiency?  Or hormones?  Or?  Or?

Whatever it is,  I have to cut back on activities and struggle with depression now as well.

No... my house was definitely not as clean as his! Photo credit: futureatlas.com

At least I was clever enough to ask for some help to start getting my house cleaned up.  I looked around a couple of days ago at the total freakin’ mess and knew I had to do something as I felt as if I was drowning in the pig sty it had become.  So reinforcement came  (thank you so much Sabine! You are a gem!)  and I am at least enjoying a clean living room and a somewhat cleaner kitchen.  There is room to breath again!

Tomorrow finally of to work (volunteer) again at the documentation center of a primary school here in town.

It will at least keep me of the couch…  for a while anyway!


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