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This too shall pass…

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Since being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in January 2007 one could say that this has become my motto.  Not so much by choise,  because:

1)      Often when I feel ‘stuck’ in a mood I want to get out real bad and I can’t muster the patience to let it run it’s course.

2)      It is disrupting my life – it’s possible that I can’t do what I planned or have to cancel it all together;  I can’t finish all that I have set out to do or…

3)      The terrible mood-grip I can be in is so darn hard to handle that I actually can’t handle it.

4)      As much as I advocate and live by the conviction to not be a victim of my illness a master of it,  there are times that I positively hate having mood swings! (Shocker, I know.)

5)      It has changed my life and turned it upside down,  literally at times.

But if I apply this motto ‘this too shall pass…’,  I realise again that :

1)      Sometimes I really have to let it run its course,  because fighting it makes it all a lot worse.

2)      It’s okay to feel the way I feel,  even though I really don’t like it.

3)      It’s okay to be me – I am on a learning curve to accept who I am.  The whole me,  not just the Bipolar side,  mind you!

4)      It’s true that it will pass,  cuz that’s the nature of the illness.

5)      I need to learn to be kind to myself as I would to others and stop beating myself up.  (Anyone else struggling to do this???)

So,  the lesson I am learning is:  I better embrace *my* (((motto))) and make it really mine.

Even if it is at a snail’s pace.  Still,  snails eventually get where they are going :).

(And no, you didn’t hear a sigh.  No,  really.  It was barely audible,  you!)

What is the motto you live by?

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop


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