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Meet me on Monday …

It’s Monday,  so I am linking up with Java again for the five questions to get to know one another better.  Feel free to join!  You only have to click the above button to get you to her blog where all is explained 🙂

On to the Questions:

1.  Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?

Caesar salad.  Glory to whom glory must be due!!!

Photo credit:  Jo Nayler

2.  Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?


Besides not having TV (even though one is standing in my living room,  it is not hooked up and I doubt if it ever will – it’s just decoration) I’ve got better things to do.  Like enjoying the sun!!! It’s Spring peeps!!!

Photo credit:  pointnshoot
3.  Last thing you spent lots of money on?

My super holiday in Ukraine!  Seeing and meeting friends after a 5 year absence.  Heavenly!  Talked my head off and had not forgotten my Russian 🙂

Photo credit:  Deidre Woollard
4.  Window seat or aisle seat?

What more can I say?

I love to watch the sky and clouds,  from either side!  Plus,  my beloved travel cushion and I,  snuggled up on the right window seat,  oyoyoy,  hear me snoring?

Photo credit:  contraption
5.  Do you know your blood type?

Hm,  no,  since you are asking.

Should I?


Photo credit:  JHeuser

If you have a question suggestion please email Java at: nevergrowingold@hotmail.com and if she uses your question she will give you a shout out!  


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Meet me on Monday…

1.  Who would be your dream celebrity date?

Uhm,  opting out a possibility?

Me no American TV,  ok?  Me no TV,  period!

Thanks so very much!

(BTW:  great timesaver!!  and money!  and… ok,  got the message,  I’ll stop.)

2.  Do you have any food restrictions?

As to allergies?  None,  really.

As to my size?  About everything that enters my mouth!

As to what makes me gag?  Dutch split pea soup.  I know,  sad… 😦

As to what I don’t want to eat?  No pork meat please… Nor all things fishy or coming from the water,  lake,  sea or ocean.  Keep it there.  Better for them and me.

(except:  some beautiful red salmon with fresh spinach and new baby potatoes with….)

Photo credit:  jeffreyw

3.  How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?

Entirely too long!  I’d like to sleep as long as possible,  so every minute taken off of my beauty sleep is too long :)!

Well,  since I have entered the (voluntary) work force again,  I have the pleasure to arrive at work at 10 a.m.  Getting up at a leisurely 08.30 a.m. (*gasp*)  it will take me an (whole!) hour to get ready,  leaving for work at about 09.30 a.m. to get there in time.

Yeah,  me too.

Photo credit:  alancleaver_2000

4.  Sausage or bacon?

Never mind the answer to #2,  I can only go for hot,  fresh fried,  crispy bacon.  Like in endive or sour cabbage hodgepodge.  Dutch delicacies,  people,  you don’t know watcha missin’  here!

Photo credit:  Lara604

5.  Do you Google,  Bing or Yahoo?

Google!  Just because it is on my computer.  Lame,  I know.

Photo credit:  toprankonlinemarketing


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Meet me on Monday…

1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If it is a food group,  it definitely would be veggies!!!

Photo credit: Martin Cathrae

2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?

Well,  I am sinning against all rules that you should let your posts sit a day and read them over before you post them.  I write one,  add a picture and publish it straight away.  I wish I was able to write posts in advance and schedule them for publishing.  Honestly,  that would really be my goal.  So far,  nada… 😦
Photo credit:  mpclemens

3.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

Nope.  Thank God.  Came close,  though,  about a month ago when I was doubling over because of abdominal pain.  Ouch!!

Photo credit:  tuppus

4.  What is your favorite candle scent?

NONE!  Please,  keep those far,  far away from me!  I am a HSP  (High Sensitive Person)  so anything that smells,  especially artificially made scents,  are highly offensive to my senses.  But I love me some colorful candles,  nonetheless 🙂

Photo credit:  Paul Maingot

5.  Coffee or tea?

A Latte or two in the morning,  even without the fancy art,  as long as it tastes good!  Fruit / herbal tea for the rest of the day.  Hot or cold,  I drink both.  Tea,  that is.  Cold coffee is gross.  Or it must be ice coffee with real icecreammm!
Photo credit:  adactio


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Meet me on Monday…

I am the crunchy type of girl.





Photo credit: su-lin

Uhm, no.  I don’t scrapbook.  
But I do make 3D and other
cards.  Does that count?





Photo credit: self!


Yup.  Too many meds after my taste…







Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic


I positively love the sound
of chattering birds as it tells
me Winter is really over.
Spring is here! Yay!





Photo credit: Electroburger


I was born in some obscure little village in the Bible belt of the Netherlands.  Believe me,  you don’t wanna know more.  Really.



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