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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! ¬†I am excited to start this new adventure, although it is a bit daunting that stuff I write will be for the whole world to see… ūüôā

Also, I am just learning how the bloggy world functions which is sometimes a bit much for my technically challenged mind.  

Nevertheless,  here I am! 

I very much hope to link up with like minded people who are passionate about the same things as I am. That means quite a variety of subjects.  

My faith means everything to me as without God I would not be alive today. It’s a long story, I won’t drop it on you right now. ¬†

I have lost part of my heart in Israel and Ukraine. ¬†For eight years I was involved in the ‘aliyah’, the return of the Jewish people to Israel from Ukraine. ¬†It’s been unforgettable and made me aware of our Jewish heritage as believers in Jesus.¬† Most likely I will be sharing with you about this. ¬†For the next 3 years I was involved with youth in Ukraine, ¬†reaching out and discipling youth and young women at risk. ¬†And believe me, there are many risks out there. ¬†¬†

Anything related to counseling, self-help and psychology grabs my attention. ¬†Human beings are endlessly interesting. We are intricately made with a soul, mind and spirit. ¬†The fact that we are able to survive so many things and continue to live meaningful lives is amazing to me. ¬†My quest is to understand how ‘life works’ and how we can make the best of it. ¬†To reach our full potential, fulfil what God has prepared for us. ¬†Discover His unique calling on each of our lives. ¬†

Another passion of mine is getting my Bipolar Disorder ‘in order’. ¬†A phrase coined by Tom Wootton, ¬†a respected author on bipolar disorder. ¬†On this blog you will definitely read a whole lot more about bipolar as I am committed to this journey so I can live life to the fullest and fulfil my dreams. ¬†I am so excited about this! ¬†Even though it has created a lot of havoc in my life, I believe that with the right tools and practice a lot more is possible for me.

Even though I feel some trepidition (sp?) I am gonna send out my post for the world to see – here you go!


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