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Counseling degree

At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to study again.  I had the need to challenge my brain.  With my interest in counseling in mind I went on a search at the internet.  To my surprise I found a two-year college degree stress counseling!  I thought:  now, that’s my thing!

I through the idea around in my head for a while and decided to give them a ring.  Cuz the payment requirements were throwing me off.  I just wasn’t able to come up with the whole amount in one go.  These people were ever so accommodating and we came to a very acceptable arrangement.  I was so excited!

Until the course material came in,  that is…   At that moment I realised that ‘counseling’ can mean something different depending on the context ànd the country.  Yikes! 

You see,  I have lived for over three years in the States,  have read numerous English books about counseling and have been and continue to be counseled myself by an American counselor.  But remember,  even though I write in English,  I am presently living in my home country the Netherlands.  Apparently the word ‘counseling’ means something different here.  (it is even spelled different:  ‘counselling’ and I just can’t get used to the extra ‘l’)

The counseling techniques that are being taught are based on the teachings of Carl Rogers and Gerard Egan.  Nothing wrong with that, let’s be clear about this.  I am simply thoroughly disappointed that it seems all so very basic.  Had I seen the material before,  I probably would have reconsidered.   

The techniques are pointed towards helping the client tell his/her story,  help find what bothers them the most,  brainstorm over the possible solutions,  help decide on the right one,  help set up a plan to reach their goal and support them on the way to reaching it. 

Of course,  there is still plenty to learn in applying the knowledge.  When one is open,  there is always something to learn.  True.  But,  I am having some serious issues with it all.  Mind you,  they are MY issues.  So,  I have to deal with them.  I bought the course,  there is no option in dropping out,  plus I need the degree for studying at a university in the States.  (And a ship load of money,  but let’s not talk about that right now.)

So, I push on. 

It strikes me as funny that something simple becomes more of a challenge than something difficult :).  Although I am not laughing.  Yet.  I will though,  once I have graduated, oh yeah!!

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