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Computer trouble

Well,  I was half way through writing my new post, when it disappeared 😦 😦 .  Before that,  it hardly would let me type anything.  What do you mean frustrating?!?!  So that is why it has been quiet on the blog.

All because my laptop is giving me the hardest time ever… something is wrong with the keyboard.  Even though I am using an external one,  the original keyboard is playing hookie,  creating  lots of havoc.  It brings me nearly to tears, people!

So tomorrow I am gonna have this baby looked at  and have an operation performed which will disconnect the original keyboard from the rest.  It’s deserved punishment! 

Wish me luck,  cuz I hope that will take care of my troubles.   With succes,  I can finally get to posting some stuff.  My fingers are itching :).

At least I got this written,  halleluyah!


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