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A 'holiday', a crash, a funeral and work… all in one week!

Sorry for being quiet this past week.  It’s been a fairly crazy one…

First I thought I had “won” a neat holiday package deal for 4 to go to Florida and got so very excited.  A couple of days later I wanted to show it to my friends and came across a number of complaints about this resort because of lots of hidden fees.  Shock!

At first I thought I was stuck with it.  When I dived into it,  I saw to my relieve I was able to cancel it within 7 days.  So I got immediately on the phone,  asking straight questions about additional fees and it turned out to be true.  With some difficulty  (boy, those people are a drag!!!)  I got it cancelled.

I felt totally stupid.  I never enter in such things,  why I did now I have no idea.  After all,  I know that what seems too good to be true usually is.  Oh well.

The next day I met with a very nice lady who is gonna help me find a voluntary job that fits me.  It is so exciting to have someone to help me as I hadn’t gotten very far on my own.

And truth be told,  I am soooo ready to do something outside of the house.  And I am excited that after 5 years I have finally reached the point where I am ready to embark on the journey to return to the work force.

That same day a window popped up on my computer looking like my anti-virus telling me I was under threat.  I pushed a button to deal with it and boy,  did I get myself into big trouble.

You see,  in the back of my mind I was already doubting this holiday package deal,  waiting for the other shoe to drop.  So my first thought was:  ‘see,  here we go…’

Please,  learn from me:  Never, ever do this!! Click it away and let your own anti-virus run to check your computer.  The only way to deal with the fall out was to re-install everything – costing me quite some money.  Argh!

The next day I had a funeral of a 91-year old mother of a friend.  It was a beautiful service.  The morning had looked promising with a watery sunshine,  but in the meantime a storm was brewing and the wind had become icy cold.

The next day I felt all my sinuses and had a nasty headache.

The next day I thankfully did feel better,  since I had youth group that evening.  But I have slipped in a depressed mood after a good talk with my counselor the day before,  working thru some stuff.  We had a good evening, though and as usual I enjoyed spending time with them.

The only drawback is that it takes so much more energy out of me when I get into those funky moods.  Oh well.  I can live with that,  cuz it’s so totally worth it.

So that was my week,  being all over the place,  literally and figuratively.  How was yours?

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I am sooooooooooo surprised (and excited!) that a picture showed up on my previous post!   

After spending way-to-much time on the internet, trying to find free photos and such,  it didn’t seem to upload.  So in the end I decided to take a pic myself.  Easy,  right?  WRONG! 

Once I had plugged in my camera into the USB port to start downloading,  it reported immediately an error.  In fact,  it turns out it destroyed my USB thingy that makes one USB port into 4.  Yep.  Disgusting,  is it not? 

First I thought that the things I had stuffed in that USB thingy were destroyed too.  My mood dropped seriously, people :(.  But getting thru the mess I found out everything still works, except the thingy.  Thanks,  camera!

Now I have once more the problem of just two USB ports and more stuff to stuff into them…

(Excuse the very technical language,  I am severely computer-technically challenged.  Can someone with more experience come over and SHOW me how all the stuff works?  No?  Really no?  Now come on!  Help a fellow blogmie out,  peeps.  SIGH.)

BTW – If anyone has a suggestion as to where to get good free downloadable pics,  please let me know and ease my suffering brain!  Thank yew.

Photo courtesy of  www.beautifulfreepictures.com


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Computer trouble

Well,  I was half way through writing my new post, when it disappeared 😦 😦 .  Before that,  it hardly would let me type anything.  What do you mean frustrating?!?!  So that is why it has been quiet on the blog.

All because my laptop is giving me the hardest time ever… something is wrong with the keyboard.  Even though I am using an external one,  the original keyboard is playing hookie,  creating  lots of havoc.  It brings me nearly to tears, people!

So tomorrow I am gonna have this baby looked at  and have an operation performed which will disconnect the original keyboard from the rest.  It’s deserved punishment! 

Wish me luck,  cuz I hope that will take care of my troubles.   With succes,  I can finally get to posting some stuff.  My fingers are itching :).

At least I got this written,  halleluyah!


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