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Mechanic 'flying' failure and a funeral

One morning this week I awoke to strange noises coming from the boiler and I saw something going up and down the transparent tube on top. 

Now, you have to understand that I am easily impressed with all things mechanic.  In fact,  it gets me easily scared because I don’t understand what is going on.  And I get all sorts of weird ideas in my head…

So,  I was immediately on the phone with the company and the next day a mechanic would come look at it. 

He heard my story and wouldn’t you know it – the boiler was nice and quiet.  I felt like a complete idiot…

He couldn’t make head or tails from my story,  had never heard of such a thing before.  He dismantled the boiler and had a careful look up and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  But then he looked down and said:  “Oh,  I know what has happened….”  and proceeded to come off the chair.

Ok, what?! 

He said: “I have never seen such a thing before.  But there is a dead bird inside.  At least,  I am pretty sure it is dead.”

The poor fellow had somehow fallen down the tube from the roof (which is another 2 stories up!) and ended up on top of my super hot boiler.  And tried to get away from the heat,  so he tried to fly upwards in the transparent tube but the poor birdie came down every time.  Hence the strange noises…

We got the birdie out and gave it an impersonal burial in the dust bin,  because I didn’t want to take it outside where the cats would feed on it.  Call me sentimental…

Even though it is nice to know I am not a complete idiot,  it doesn’t bear thinking of what that beautiful bird went trough in the process of being cooked.  😦

By the way,  can someone tell me the proper English name?

Picture courtesy of Complete Encyclopedie

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