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Nasty Bipolar Symptoms…

Hello there ūüôā

Nice to see you back again!¬† Please,¬† leave a comment,¬† I’d love to hear from you.¬† Ask me a question,¬† give me advise,¬† tell me what looks good (or not).¬† Well,¬† maybe skip the bit between brackets….

Just so you know,¬† I am working on a new page about Bipolar Disorder.¬† Many of you might not really know what I am talking about,¬† so I am gonna try to explain a complex illness…. wish me luck!¬†

At the moment my brain feels like mush.¬†Also, in want of a better word, I feel¬† lightning¬†(yes, as in ‘thunder and lightning’) going on in my head.¬† That is a very unpleasant feeling.¬† It’s been a while since I have felt that.¬†¬†

With each passing day¬†I am feeling¬†more depressed,¬† which sucks.¬† The up side is that I have still been able to¬†DO something.¬† I studied for a bit,¬† I worked on my blog for quite a bit,¬† I cooked – which is a major accomplishment as I haven’t done so for two days.¬† So it¬†has not all been bad today,¬† but why does it then feel¬†soooooooo¬†bad?!?!¬† Sucky brain chemistry…

As I didn’t start this blog to whine,¬† it’s a good time to call it a day!



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