Links on Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Advantage

Bipolar Advantage Blog

Black Dog Institute

Health Line – Connect to Better Health

Healthy Place – Bipolar Disorder

WebMD – Bipolar Disorder Health Center

Wikipedia About Bipolar Disorder

Blogs by people struggling with Bipolar Disorder:

Ashes from a Super Nova

Bipolar Burble

Bipolar and Employment – Cathy’s Blog

My Wrenched Brain

Blogs about Onset Childhood Bipolar Disorder:

Life’s Twisted Stitches

Rage against the {washing} machine
BWS tips button

Blogs by children with Bipolar Disorder:

Silly-licious Princess

Other Bloggers I Follow

Allie Rambles

Annie Blogs


Hope Suds – Do Laundry.  Save Orphans!

Italian Mama Chef

Life Lived Fully – Finding Fulfillment in Everyday Life

Mama Kat’s Losin’ it


Vita Familiae

If a link is not working or a blog is outdated,  please let me know thru the Contact Me Page!  Thanks 🙂

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