Book worm

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I have been eating letters since I first learned to read and am even a little OCD about it  (like having to read everything surrounding me that contains words,  shop signs,  road signs,  the content of a box,  etc).

I have decided to add this page solely for the review of books I have read and found worth sharing with you for one reason or another, not necessarily related to my blog.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will!

Read on my own:
BIPOLAR IN ORDER:  Looking At Depression,  Mania,  Hallucination,  And Delusion From The Other Side
By Tom Wootton
With Peter Forster MD,  Maureen Duffy PhD,  Brian Weller,  Scott Sullender PhD,  Michael Edelstein PhD,  and other contributors.
Bipolar Advantage,  Publishers
San Francisco,  USA
2010,  223 pages
USD  18.95
ISBN  9 780977 442348

Bipolar In Order  ~ Tom’s blog at Psych Central

My review

Read through BookSneeze:

Credit: Ian Morgan Cron

JESUS,  MY FATHER,  THE CIA,  AND ME:  a memoir … of sorts
By Ian Morgan Cron
Thomas Nelson Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee,  USA
2011,  257 pages
USD  15.99
ISBN  9 780849 946103

My review here or here.

Read through Partners in Crime:    

 Book Details:

  2. Author:  Laurel Dewey
  3. Number of Pages:  Promissory Payback (80); Unrevealed (94)
  4. Genre:  Suspense
  5. Publisher:  The Story Plant
  6. Publication Date:  Promissory Payback August, 2, 2011;  Unrevealed October 4, 2011
  7. Reviews, guest posts, interviews or any combination of those are available. Click here.
  8. My review

Reading on my own:

IN AN UNSPOKEN VOICE:  How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness
By Peter A. Levine, PhD
North Atlantic Books
Berkeley,  California,  USA
2010,  370 pages
USD  21.95
ISBN  9 781556 439438

My review

 Reading on my own:

THE OPEN-FOCUS BRAIN:  Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body
By Les Fehmi, PhD,  and Jim Robbins
Trumpeter / Shambhala Publications Inc
Boston,  USA  & London,  UK
2008,  192 pages
USD  18.95
ISBN 9 781590 306123

My review

Reading through BookSneeze:

By Andy Stanley
Thomas Nelson Inc.
Nashville,  Tennessee, USA
2010,  220 pages
USD 15.99
ISBN 9780849947162

My review

Reading through Partners in Crime:

By Peter Leonard
The Story Plant
Stamford, CT
2012,  278 pages
USD 16.95
ISBN 9781611880427

My review

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  1. Sorry for the lay-out peeps! I am tired of trying to get it right, blah! And Google will get nervous if I update it too often. So this is how it will look for a while, sorry 😦

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