About Bipolar

People,  I have been trying so hard to get a post together with all the ‘official’ information on Bipolar Dipolar (BD)  from several highly interesting sources,  but I simply can’t reproduce it in a sensible way without copying them (= plagiarism =  bad).  These peeps mostly write for a living and say it so well,  it’s no use for me to try.  SO.

You will find the links to these wonderful people under the “Links” page at the top.  They are much better with words and you’ll have to forgive me that you’ve to click to get to it.  But the sources are really good.  I mean,  seriously good.  Go check ’em out!

And I?  I will just try to do my best to say it my way.

This is my little basic crash course:

Bipolar disorder: What is it?


11 Difficulties of diagnosing bipolar disorder

Medical treatment

Peeps that are important

Why mood charting?

Mood charting revisited

How to help people with a mental illness

10 Things about my bipolar disorder you didn’t know

I am aware that there is so much more to be said.  As my blog grows,  so will this list.  I am also very open to additions from others.

I would really like you to ask questions,  share your experience and start discussions.

Bring it on,  people,  bring it on!

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  1. FYI A bunch of those cannot be seen as the blog has been marked private.

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