Five Minute Friday: Awake…

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I didn;t feel particially awake this week…

I felt overwhelmed by a host of emotions that actually knocked me off my feet, in a quite literal sense. I haven;t been able to do much of anything. I am proud that I was awake enough to go to work and continue my one hour session of fitness mid-week. Other than that, I felt oblivion to the rest of the world, cocooned in my own world where my thoughts are swirling around, making my head hurt and my heart ache.

I encountered and was confronted with a part of me related to my bipolar and my upbringing that failed to correct my behaviour and help deal with this particular trait. It hurts like hell and makes me hate my bipolar with a passion.

If I thought I had accepted my bipolar, this was a confrontation that made it clear that to some degree I havent.

As long as it only inconveniences and influences me, I am quite allright with it. As soon as it starts to mess with (precious) relationships, I am off kilter and get knocked out sometimes pretty severely.

I hadn;t seen it coming. I couldn’t to be fair.

To awaken to some parts of yourself that you rather wouldn;t have is a painful business.

Of course the good side of it is that I have the opportunity to work on it and change it. It’s never too late for change, thank God!

All the same, the shut down functions pretty good in my circumstances and to awaken to my painful feelings concerning thsi issue isn;t easy.

Accepting oneself with the odds and particularities one has, isn;t an easy mission. Yest it is one I am determined to fulfil.


Because I want to learn to cherish myself as much as I cherish my friends…


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10 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Awake…

  1. The end of this is so beautiful. I want you to cherish yourself that much too. Love to you.

  2. I hope that things are going to work out just fine for you, that you will have the breakthrough that you are looking for.

    I am here from Five Minute Friday. Have a great day!

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  3. Hey Fenny 🙂 Considering my last few months, I’m thankful to you for being so open about your feelings here. I want you to know that I’m drawing strength from you, and for that I thank you sincerely! ❤

    • Sweet Ginger, I left you a comment on your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by, I have missed you and kept thinking about you. I am glad my words are good for you – I keep being amazed that my words can do that 🙂

      • Thanks for the visit, and the encouraging words. You should never be surprised that you effect the people you touch through the Internet the way that you do… I’m sure you’ve helped more people than you’ll ever realize!

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  4. What lirnabtieg knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

  5. I have got 1 suggestion for your blog site. It appears like at this time there are a few cascading stylesheet troubles when opening a number of webpages inside google chrome and opera. It is running fine in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check that.

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