I’m Back! Sorta…

Dear Faithful Readers!!!

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Thanks for not abandoning my blog!  I am amazed by the amount of traffic my ole little blog still attracted while standing still… Thank you!  I don’t feel it deserves it since I left it alone for so long,  but am so grateful!  Means that my efforts have not been wasted and that is always pleasant to discover, is it not?

It has not all been bad,  as some of you may wonder since I disappeared.   There was the typical bout of difficulties and struggles. And then Real Life took over,  somehow.

This has been good since it is not healthy to live life from behind one’s computer, now, is it?

The trouble is getting back in any type of groove for blogging 😦

At the moment there are two big projects that are asking, no demánding my attention,. one of which is my college degree I never properly started.  I ‘started’ my two-year college degree about…. a million months ago,  I think.  And it is about time I start otherwise I might run out of time,  which would be a waste of a lot of money.  We can’t have that, now, can we?!

So,  I am making myself study and have to pick up on the other project too.

Meaning that I won’t be very present,  but I will try.  There is still way too much I want to write about and focus your attention on.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who are holding on,  and let’s continue the ride!!!



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6 responses to “I’m Back! Sorta…

  1. Hello! I’ve been absent for a while myself, but I’ve thought of you often and am glad to see you checking in. And I will answer your email this week! 🙂 Hugs to you.

  2. Good to see you and to hear you are also doing a school thing! You KNOW that why I’ve been away.

    • Yup, Real Life is still out there. I do miss you though. Maybe Skype some time? Although, with time difference it might not work out! 😦
      Take care of yourself, Mel! Other times will come!

    • Sorry to hear that, but actually you are wrong about sohigment. Peppermint is completely different than Mint and has been clinically proven to reduce pain, especially with headaches. It’s a fact.

    • Wonderful article, without a single word being in excess.The problem Daniel is that our political elites want the sheeple to be sitting on their couches watching "American Idol" or "Jersey Shore" or shopping mindlessly at the mall for items that they don't need. This is the modern equivalent of the Roman bread and circuses.Once the public becomes engaged, focused, and aware of a problem that requires action, our politicians worry that the public's attention will turn to them next.So, Hillary has to keep wearing that hijab!

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