Blog Awards from Shah Warton – WordsinSync and Allie Rambles – RWAHM

Honored & overwhelmed.  That is how I feel!

It is such an encouragement to receive these two blog awards,  just when I was thinking ‘why I am blogging again?’

The greatest joy is in knowing that my blog means something to people,  enough to think of me and my blog when it comes to passing on awards they themselves have received.

The first award I gracefully accept from Shah Warton – who blogs at Words in Sync.  Thank you so much,  Shah,  it’s a real pick-me-up to get digged by you!  You are a special lady,  truly versatile in your blog,  showing your many creative sides.  Talking about books, writing, sharing your own art, poetry and stories while also being an advocate for mental illness.  (Or is it against? Whatever!) It’s been great to ‘meet’ new people through your Monday Madness linky and I am glad to take part in it !  May you and your blog continue to thrive!

What I need to do:

  1. Gratefully accept this award & link to the wonderful person you received it from.  Done
  2. Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
  3. Pass this award around to, at-least, 5 blogs you dig.

Fact 1  When I drink black tea,  I like to drink it with milk.  Only after I lived in England people around me noticed and assumed I had picked up the habit there.  Nope.  Just love it that way :).

Fact 2  Since a few years I really,  really like bright colors.  My favorite color is orange,  followed by bright green (not the fluorescent type,  mind you!).  I don’t exactly know why,  but my taste made a dramatic change,  my friends here in Holland will testify to that!

Fact 3  I love,  love,  love teddy bears… I had quite a collection at one point,  but traveling and moving internationally doesn’t help to keep it together.  I am utterly in love with Winnie the Pooh – especially the original version by A. A. Milne,  both text as well as drawings.  It’s simply beautiful, what can I say?

Once my team in Ukraine gave me a big Winnie the Pooh – who could sing a (Russian) lullaby!   Whenever I’d had it completely I would walk around in the office with him in my arms singing (Pooh, that is, not me!).  He lost his voice,  sadly.  Sigh.  Precious, peeps,  precious.

Also,  I named my first pet,  a cat,  after him.  Pushok.  Yeah,  well,  that is a Russian pet-namefor Pooh.  Can’t help it either.

The people I present this award to are:

Melody from Life’s Twisted Stitches.
Her life is in a real stitch,  but she is one heck of a strong woman lady!  Managing her own ADHD as well as her children’s not-so-defined problems.  It’s wonderful to be able to encourage one another and be friends,  even though we haven’t ever met in real life.

MommyLebron from Rage against the washing machine
Her rage is against the stigma of mental illness and her goal “to wash away the stains of mental illness and to soak you in all the knowledge I find along the way.”  She knows first hand since she has a daughter with various mental diagnoses.  She is also a gifted writer.  

LeBella from Silli-licious Princess.
The precious daughter of MommyLebron who has her own blog.  I totally dig her blog,  she can teach us a thing or two about childhood bipolar disorder and some other great things!  

Lindsay from Life Lived Fully
Another treasure.  Lindsay blogs about life as it is,  including her relationship to God,  with no niceties,  just straight in your face.  She is always so open and honest,  very real.  Out there.  I appreciate and respect her so much!

Suz from SuzRocks.
Well,  what can I say?  Suz does rock!  Not shy seeking adventure,  not for the sake of it,  but for the good she can do,  she is a special lady indeed.  Her view of life is absolutely refreshing.  She does rock the boat and gives you a giggle as a side dish.

Courtney from Ups & Downs of Bipolar II
I found Courtney because she found me, and left a comment.  She writes about her bipolar II diagnosis and life,  giving lots and lots of useful information in a very readable form.  Good stuff!

The second award I received from Allie Rambles – who blogs over at Ramblings of a WAHM.  Allie and I got to know one another through SITS-girls and the 31 Days to Better Your Blog as well,  hosted by Shelley – another fine lady who writes I’m Still Standing.  Somehow Allie and I linked up,  even though our ‘niches’ have nothing in common.

I keep learning from her.  But the best about Allie?  She is honest and shares it all!  I love seeing her blog & business grow and I’m sure will continue to learn from her in the future.  Thank you,  Allie,  I am really chuffed to receive this award from you :).

What I need to do:

  1. Thank the wonderful person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.  Done
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.  Only 4 more left…
  3. Pass this award along to up to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Fact 4  Since I have the skin complexion of a red-head,  but I am blond,  I feel really cheated!!  I dearly love my freckles,  but the sensitivity and burning-in-the-sun-skin I am not too mad about.  But the hair,  folks,  my hair – it should be red by all means!  So that is what I do – whenever I get a chance.  Hair dye is really expensive here in comparison to Ukraine and the States.  Not happy about that.

Fact 5  I’m not much of a movie watcher,  but I am totally in love with ‘A beautiful mind’ about the life story of John Nash, Nobel prize winner and schizophrenic.  The movie shows how he deals with this illness, living in the hospital where everyone around him says he will never leave.  He shows them wrong!  He is able to leave the hospital,  deal with his illness and go back to teaching University students.  A MUST-SEE.  

Fact 6    This,  incidentally,  is my 100th post!  Doubted at the start of my blog how far I would make it – well this far I have now come,  with the encouragement of many.  Thank you to each commenter,  every e-mail and every Tweet.  I am still here because of you!  This post was not planned,
I feel like St Nicholas,  who on his birthday gave presents to kids instead of receiving presents himself.  I must say:  it feels real good!

Fact 7  I have a 101 list that I am still adding to,  that I am supposed to fulfil in 1001 days.  It is called Day Zero Project and I love it!  It was so much fun to compile the list and even more so to work on each goal.  It helps me to discover new things,  pushing me over the edge to do certain things that I would have held out on or never have thought about doing.

Phew,  I made it to 7, yay!

The people I present this award to are:

Sharone from Zizzivivizz.
Haven’t known her and her blog for long,  but another beautiful lady who shares the truth of life,  opening up her heart in every post.  Courageously showing the hard,  clean down-to-earth truth.  Love her!

Michelle from Italian Mama Chef.
Michelle presents you with her journey into authentic Italian cooking.  I totally dig her as she keeps going even in the face of food allergies – she goes forth,  learning more and sharing it with you!

Lara from LaLa Land and Tea & Ink
Another SITStah.  I won a frugal blog make-over and we sort-a hit it off.  She is  such a friendly,  giving lady!  And gifted – in writing and design.  You’ll see for yourself 🙂

Jan from The Wounded Warrior
A real new blogger to me,  Jan is an encourager I ‘met’ through Twitter.  He is an eloquent writer.  His poetry is heart wrenching,  for one because of what he shares and two because of how he writes.

Michael from A Daddy Blog
It’s so nice to read a blog by a real father.  And by ‘real’,  Michael,  I mean that you are a precious father to your daughter,  a force to be reckoned with,  a dad who affirms her being and personality,  cheering her on in everything she does.  One lucky girl 🙂

Congratulations everyone,  you so deserve it!  Thank you for providing me with endless reading,  learning,  giggles and tears.

*And sorry for the delay in posting,  it took me much longer than anticipated,  plus,  you know,  real life gets in the way sometimes. 😉



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7 responses to “Blog Awards from Shah Warton – WordsinSync and Allie Rambles – RWAHM

  1. What a wonderful honor that you deserve Fenny!
    Orange and green? Interesting 🙂

    Sounds like some great blogs you have listed. I will try and check some of them out!

  2. Thank you sooooooo much, Fenny! I’m honored. And I’m certainly a work in progress as a dad. Lots to learn. You are too kind. I hope you have a super evening!

    ~Michael (aka: Daddy)

  3. Awwww, thanks! That made my day. I just couldn’t leave a comment when I read it when you posted it b/c I was on my phone and I don’t have internet at my house right now (gasp!). Congrats on all the awards you’ve received- you deserve them!

  4. That is awesome, Fenny! You got TWO awards at the same time. We are all thinking of you!
    I named you one of my Versatile Bloggers because you take a blog about yourself and make me feel at home. I get to peek into your life here and there and I feel privileged. And every time I come back I learn something new!


    • How I need the encouragement at times, and you awarding me was a real push up for me! I really needed a pick-me-up. Thank you even more for your kind words – they mean a lot to me! Would really love to meet you IRL you know? For a proper and hot coffee…. ;)…

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