Wordless Wednesday: Antwerp!

Central Train Station, Antwerp

I saw my first 3D movie about my old little blue Belgium friends in Antwerp, how cool is that?

My new lamp for in my living room from a coffee shop in Antwerp. (I wish!)

Beautiful statue!

What can I say? Antwerp is the Chocolate capital of Europe (or the world?)

The old cathedral in Old City, Antwerp

Fresh peppermint tea at Old City square in Antwerp. Mmmmm! What you can't see is that we had a Brussels Waffle with it, yummy!


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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Antwerp!

  1. Fenny,

    Oh! How I want to travel!! The culture, the architecture, the sculptures, the food! It all fascinates me! Some day.

    Thanks for the photo break.


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