Music Time!

Getting media savvy here….. 🙂

This song “Wheel of Life” by Chi Coltrane gives an accurate picture of a bipolar life.  And of course,  the ‘normal’ people will recognise it too,  since we are all bipolar,  aren’t we?

I really like Chi,  she has an awesome voice and accompanies herself on the piano;  it’s filled with emotion.  She has many more real good songs.  Check her out on YouTube!




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8 responses to “Music Time!

  1. Hey Fenny – Hoping you’re doing okay? Great song choice – never heard it before! Great find. And I love the sound of piano – which helps.

    It’s that time of the week again – Monday Madness airs a FRESH new linky to begin the week – Pop along if you’re about and link this song up if you like?

    Shah X

    • Hey Shah!
      Thanks for reminding me, once again! I managed to hook it up, yay!
      I simply love Chi, she has a special voice, sounds real raw, honest and emotion filled. I think she is awesome! I got some of her music. Worth looking up on YouTube.

  2. Love this song Fenny, it truly captures the bipolar experience. I also love the use of the piano, it stands out particularly when one is high I find. Great job here, Elizabeth.

    • I find her very raw and emotion filled, really good to listen to when I am angry, irritated, but also soothing, as you can feel she knows what she is singing about. She writes her songs herself – lots of awesomeness!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great song! Really enjoyed it, and of course can relate. Intense!
    Found you at Monday Madness- enjoy your week!

    • Intense – yup, I like that desription Morgan! Hopped over to your blog, love at first read!
      Glad you found me, so I found you!
      Take care and hope to see you back 😉

  4. Stopping by – saying hi. And you’re still not about? I have everything crossed that you’re well, Fenny. IF you need to chat or whatever. You have my email I believe? OR ask at my blog and I’ll send it to you. Hope your just having a well earned break from blogging. ;D Shah. X

    • Shah, dear bloggy-friend!
      Thanks so much for your faithfulness! I was away for several days but didn’t want to announce it to the whole wide world 😉
      It was good to be away, but better to get home – a first experience for me!

      I’ll be back with a post tomorrow. I’ll see if I have something to link up this week!

      Hope all is well with you and the tapering of meds are going really well. Thinking of you!

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