Sleeping my days away…

Frustrated… so hoped to get some results today.

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I have been extremely tired in the last couple of weeks. As in,  while reading, my eyes are falling shut.  Or,  while behind the computer,  my eyes are falling shut.  Or,  while sitting in my chair,  I have to go and lie down.  On the couch,  but I even retreated to my bed a few times.


And of course during this time I didn’t keep my mood chart.  Just when it would have been so friggin’ useful to look back to see if there are any links between meds,  events,  moods and tiredness,  there is nothing to look at.

Double crap…

It has even pulled me into a depression.  That is a first,  as far as I can remember.  It’s because I didn’t have the energy to do anything enjoyable,  I think.  Now nothing is really enjoyable.  Usually it is the other way around.  I get depressed and as a result I sleep more and hang around doin’ nuthin’.

Since my thyroid function has been pretty low,  I had extensive lab work done.  Today I saw my pdoc and expected some answers.  Unfortunately there were none to be had.  No lab report had come in.  (insert expletive)

I was holding on in hopes to get a step further today.  Now I have to wait longer.  That sucks.  Bad.

Tiredness is so difficult to handle as there are myriad reasons why I could be tired.

I have recently come off a certain pain med.  Even though pdoc looked it up and there is no indication that coming off of it causes tiredness,  you never know.  I’ve had some whacky side effects before,  falling in the ‘hardly ever’ category.

It could of course be stress.  Well,  that is,  the results of it,  since the stressful events have passed some time ago.

Or maybe it is  some iron or vitamin deficiency?  Or hormones?  Or?  Or?

Whatever it is,  I have to cut back on activities and struggle with depression now as well.

No... my house was definitely not as clean as his! Photo credit:

At least I was clever enough to ask for some help to start getting my house cleaned up.  I looked around a couple of days ago at the total freakin’ mess and knew I had to do something as I felt as if I was drowning in the pig sty it had become.  So reinforcement came  (thank you so much Sabine! You are a gem!)  and I am at least enjoying a clean living room and a somewhat cleaner kitchen.  There is room to breath again!

Tomorrow finally of to work (volunteer) again at the documentation center of a primary school here in town.

It will at least keep me of the couch…  for a while anyway!


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10 responses to “Sleeping my days away…

  1. I do know how you feel and it sounds like your thyroid. Any other symptoms of thyroid problems. Are you taking synthroid or anything? If my throid is off I am sluggish and cannot get out of bed. Or if I make it out, I’m asleep again in a couple of hours.

    And it is depressing. Here is this whole day spread before you and you can’t do anything but sleep. It sucks. I have a son who has those one in a million side effects. If it’s supposed to make him gain weight, he loses. Make him sleep he stays awake. We always work on the assumption it will work opposite for him.

    Best of luck to you and get the mood chart out. It’s never too late to start! Set it out so you don’t forget. And if you have to sleep, well not much you can do about it until you can find out what’s going on. In the meantime, the mood chart will help.


    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your encouragement, much appreciated! Nothing has changed much, still very tired. And I am still waiting for the test results… Blah!

  2. Oh honey, ((((hugs)))) sure hope those test come back soon so you can know!
    I’ve been reumenating on all the “why?s” lately too! I’m posting that later this week if I can keep up with myself!

  3. In the midst of a difficult time, the humor you show through the kitties and pigs is like the sun breaking through the clouds.

    It’s so discouraging to lose time through depression, fatigue, what have you. You work very hard on your mental health, and it feels so unfair. I can relate — as you know, I’ve been going through a rough patch, too. I’m at the other end — with hypomania, I wish I was getting more rest!

    So I hope this doesn’t come across as making light of what you’re going through — these are the times that we grow and deepen ourselves. (I know, enough growth already, thank you very much!) This is also deepening your compassion for other people. It’s not in vain.

    • Yes, it definitely feels unfair. But then, life is unfair, isn’t it? Hypomania is nice as long as it doesn’t get dragged out too long, I know.
      And no, I don’t think you make light of what is happening – I know you can relate!
      About growth? My sentiment exactly!

  4. Sorry to hear of your depression and fatigue! Bipolar disorder and meds can knock the stuffing out of me. Right now I’m sleeping very little and actually got off my ass and vacuumed yesterday, after shopping and cinema and the day before I wrote properly for the first time in several slow months. Mania is helpful sometimes, if kept in check, and after it – the slow down allows me to catch up on sleep I miss. You gotta take the good where you find it! ;D

    Hugs to you – Hope you’re feeling better soon. Shah.X

    • Shah ~ you are right at it girl! When my hypomania comes along I take full advantage of it! It leaves it’s scars as well, but at least I get sumethin’ dun!

  5. Fenny I am feeling very protective towards you and do not like it when you are not feeling well! That crazy sleep thing can be so difficult to deal with. It’s so involuntary it’s like a step away from narcolepsy! Do hope you’re feeling better soon. It’s an official: ‘BE KIND TO FENNY’ month. Big hug.

    • Elizabeth ~ thanks so much for your compassion and understanding. Yea, I can relate now to people with narcolepsy – what a beast! I know mine will pass, at some point. That’s at least positive 🙂
      You are too kind!! Does me good, ya know?

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