Six Word Memoir & passion

Mama’s Losin’ It

Today I am joining Mama Kat’s – pretty much world-famous – Writer’s Workshop.  To join, click on the button above which brings you to her blog. Go!

My Six Word Memoir:  I’m more than my mental illness !

Now onto:

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about my health.  Since I sometimes suffer from my bipolar disorder,  I need to get my response to my moods under control.


So I can once again move abroad.


To help women who are often considered as and consider themselves trash.


Because they are involved in prostitution.

So tell me again,  why would you move abroad?

Because my heart aches for these women,  often still young girls.


Because the Maker of the universe stooped down to my level to love on me and be friends with me.  He gathered my broken heart,  piece by piece,  holding it gently in His hands while making it whole.  Yes,  you will always see the scars of where it has been broken,  but it’s in one piece.

I am nobody special.  What He does for me?

He will do for you and for them!

That is what I am passionate about.


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6 responses to “Six Word Memoir & passion

  1. Where did you live abroad?

    Wonderful for you that you can see women caught in prostitution as precious people.

    • Let’s see, I lived in Poland, England, USA and Ukraine. Not in that order, but from shortest to longest.
      Each and every person I think is precious. But sometimes their behavior leaves something to be desired 😉

  2. Isn’t it amazing how your heart can be put back together by the One who loves you the most? I liked this a lot.

    It breaks my heart knowing all the girls around the world who are caught in sex trafficking and prostitution.

    • Suz ~ exactly & spot on!
      There is a lot of heartbreak in the world – Niger (wasn’t it?) is heart breaking as well. But you’ll spread the love to all you meet and He orchestrates who that will be!

  3. JDaniel4's Mom

    I so hope you get to go. There is such a need for you there.

    • Thanks! I know – I am so thankful that at least anti- trafficking is much more on the agenda’s of many nations. But healing for victims doesn’t come from that level, only through relationship from person to person. That’s why we need to be there and love them… Ah, sorry, the soap box…
      Thanks for understanding JDaniel4’s Mom!

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