Can Bipolar Disorder be cured?

In as much as Bipolar Disorder is thought to be a ‘disorder’ genetically and likely biologically or chemically, the answer leans to ‘no’.

Photo credit: Horia Varlan

No gen has been discovered yet that has the name ‘bipolar disorder’ written on it,  let alone a way to cure it on that level.  Neither do psychiatrist know how medications work, it seems that some do, for some people.  But it is literally ‘practising’ medicine,  by trial and error.  Neuroscientists have an inkling why some meds work,  but they continue to observe and research this issue.

Needless to say that our brain is a complicated mass (or mess?).

So if Bipolar or any other mental illness for that matter,  originates there,  will we ever find a cure?

Maybe not.

Does that matter?

What,  you say,  are you out of your mind?!  Of course it matters!  I don’t want to live like this the rest of my life!  Of course I want a cure!

Even though physically or physiologically a cure might not be found in our lifetime,  does that mean we are condemned to an ‘out-of-control’ life? Do we always have to wait till the other shoe drops?

Or are there other ways we can actually get our disorder under control?

Instead of raising the subject of remission or recovery,  I’d like to introduce to you a different point of view.

Photo credit: katerha

For example a jigsaw puzzle.  When we start solving one,  there is a lot of sorting to do.  All the corner pieces separated from all others;  fix the frame;  the rest we might sort by color;  or we just start filling in the frame piece by piece.

No matter which way we choose,  in the very end the puzzle is solved and the picture is visible in all it’s glory.  We have reduced the pile of pieces into a beautiful picture.  In other words:  what once was in disorder is now in order.

Would you allow me to suggest that there is a possibility to get our disorder in order?

To be continued!

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6 responses to “Can Bipolar Disorder be cured?

  1. I can see bipolar disorder as a jigsaw puzzle. Medications are slowly putting the pieces together for me. But therapists talk to me about creating new synapses by thinking differently. They say studies have been done where x-rays have shown new synapses have grown when people start thinking differently. So I wonder, can that help with our disorder? My therapy wasn’t about having bipolar disorder. Had to clear up other issues before that could be the issue. Can we train our brains to not be depressed or manic? I wonder if they’ve done a study on that?


  2. Heather, as far as I know, we can not train the brain to not be depressed or manic. BUT, we can re-train our thinking processes and our reaction to triggers. More in the follow up, so stay tuned!

  3. Bipolar disorder can be a wonderful teacher of healthy living, balance and living in harmony with reality.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this.

  4. I really do love your statement that we can “re-train our thinking processes and our reaction to triggers”. As my children are so young, they really do have a great deal of potential to learn NOW how to help themselves better cope with their world, while others (the average person) do not have the opportunity to learn through traditional education or experience. I pray that we can make a better world for them than what the climate a mental health has been in the past.

    • Mel ~ I love how you are so positive in your approach of the challenges you face day by day! When I wrote about re-training, I was actually thinking about you, and wondering if that would be the same for children. Now with what you share, I actually think the challenge is to train them and teach them to cope and recognize what is happening.
      I am totally with you that the climate of mental health has to change, for their sakes as well as everybody elses. We, as in all of us, are missing out so much when we exclude children who are different – cause there is so much they have to offer!

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