Should, should leave my dictionary!

Hello there!

Sorry for my absence,  life got seriously in the way for a while and I was still trying to wring out a couple of posts cuz,  you know,  I ought to.

The last one I had to edit,  which actually never happens,  just because I was so darn tired I couldn’t see straight when I was writing it!  It’s amazing it actually contained some proper content…

But,  I have to keep a schedule when blogging,  right?  Can’t have holes in it.

All blogging guru’s are telling me I should this and ought to do that.  I have to add this and must do the other.  I should really never take a break if I want to keep my readers,  never mind increasing them.  I have to keep up with social media.  I need to…. I have to…. I should…

‘Should’ in whichever form it hides,  should really only do one thing:  leave my dictionary!

*Drumroll* … Erased!

I am not saying that keeping a schedule is wrong.  Nor am I saying that what those wise people share,  isn’t worth applying.  Because it totally is.

The only thing I am saying,  is that I need a break from all the shoulds,  ought to’s,  have to’s,  musts etc. because it is driving me bonkers.

It is good to take a step back and look at all the information that I have gathered and the things I have learned.  To get some order in it all and see what is worth applying now and what can wait for later.

Because honestly,  I am unable to see the forest for the trees…

I have tried to write three proper content posts a week,  but it has proven to be too much.  So I will go down to two content posts a week publishing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The rest is up in the air for now.  I like the blog hops,  it simply has to fit in with my day-to-day life.  I enjoy linking up too,  but I hardly ever have been able to hop around and comment on other blogs.  Which I think is not fair.

So I will prioritize and see how I can conveniently fit some goals together while still enjoying what I am doing.

Cuz,  you know,  I seriously started to lose my joy.  That’s no fun,  peeps!

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  I hope you continue to read ‘me’.  Be assured there will be new content every Tuesday and Thursday.

See you around 🙂

PS:  Oh,  and you know what?  My blog is half a year old!!! Yippee!!!

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4 responses to “Should, should leave my dictionary!

  1. I love the color scheme of your blog, and you seem like a colorful person too! I am glad you’re still blogging, as I’ve only recently come across your blog. I think I found you through the Monday Madness blog hop. I appreciated your taking the time to leave a comment on my blog too. As for having a hard time with things and taking a break from blogging as often as you used to, I think this happens to many of us, and I totally understand. But since you have a great blog and you seem like a talented person, I’m glad you’re going to keep writing when you can. There are not enough well-written, frequently updated blogs on mental illness out there. We need to keep ours going – those of us who have some (not that mine is necessarily well-written but I do try!).

    • Jen,
      Thank you so much for all your compliments! That’s a big encouragement 🙂
      No, it’s not likely that I will stop blogging, I think you can rest assured, because I find it just as you do, too important to have a voice out there! Cuz you are right: so many of those blogs get abandoned or aren’t updated regularly. I understand, don’t get me wrong, but it is sad, for the blogger and the world (sounds a little dramatic, eh?)
      Maybe it is because I want to have good content, as original as I can make it, which takes a lot of time to create. Plus some other things going on in real life where I feel I ‘should’ various things, that this ranting post came about.
      But I love blogging, am just trying to simplify my life a bit to keep the joy 🙂

  2. I agree that all the shoulds create way too much pressure. I try to do some of the shoulds but keep the focus on just having fun. Otherwise it would become like homework. Then I would start to avoid it. I might even start to clean my house instead. And that’s just unacceptable! 😉 Enjoy yourself and take the rest slowly but surely. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    • Thanks Rachael, that’s what I need to hear! Heaven forbid I would start doing dished instead of spending my time behind my laptop *cough* 😉
      Even though I like to do all the things I picked up from the 31dbbb, I am getting in a bind really. And you are right, it feels like homework…
      Now trying to get the fun back into it, yay!

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