Meet me on Monday…

1.  Who would be your dream celebrity date?

Uhm,  opting out a possibility?

Me no American TV,  ok?  Me no TV,  period!

Thanks so very much!

(BTW:  great timesaver!!  and money!  and… ok,  got the message,  I’ll stop.)

2.  Do you have any food restrictions?

As to allergies?  None,  really.

As to my size?  About everything that enters my mouth!

As to what makes me gag?  Dutch split pea soup.  I know,  sad… 😦

As to what I don’t want to eat?  No pork meat please… Nor all things fishy or coming from the water,  lake,  sea or ocean.  Keep it there.  Better for them and me.

(except:  some beautiful red salmon with fresh spinach and new baby potatoes with….)

Photo credit:  jeffreyw

3.  How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?

Entirely too long!  I’d like to sleep as long as possible,  so every minute taken off of my beauty sleep is too long :)!

Well,  since I have entered the (voluntary) work force again,  I have the pleasure to arrive at work at 10 a.m.  Getting up at a leisurely 08.30 a.m. (*gasp*)  it will take me an (whole!) hour to get ready,  leaving for work at about 09.30 a.m. to get there in time.

Yeah,  me too.

Photo credit:  alancleaver_2000

4.  Sausage or bacon?

Never mind the answer to #2,  I can only go for hot,  fresh fried,  crispy bacon.  Like in endive or sour cabbage hodgepodge.  Dutch delicacies,  people,  you don’t know watcha missin’  here!

Photo credit:  Lara604

5.  Do you Google,  Bing or Yahoo?

Google!  Just because it is on my computer.  Lame,  I know.

Photo credit:  toprankonlinemarketing


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8 responses to “Meet me on Monday…

  1. I love bacon with sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. Yum! Is that the same as hodgepodge?

  2. LOL Yes I’ll sleep until the very last second!!

    Awesome that you do not consume tv. As a child I never did and then I became and adult….guess what I bought first with my paycheck?

    • Oh, Jamarican Spice, I’ve had my share of TV time!!!! It’s just that when I started living totally by myself, I didn’t have one. And to be honest, I never missed it.
      When I lived abroad, I never watched TV, it wasn’t possible to get programmes I liked.
      Now, I choose to spend my money on other things.
      But I do love NCIS and Law & Order SVU and the like… Without a Trace… Aaaaahhhh 🙂
      BTW ~ I love your blog name and subtitle: powerful!

  3. I followed from Meet me on Monday :), You are funny, nice to meet you!

  4. hello Fenny, thanks for stopping by my Cafe earlier. Can’t wait to see more posts from you. You’re officially followed! 🙂

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the follow! Hope you’ll enjoy future posts…

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