Meet me on Monday…

I am the crunchy type of girl.





Photo credit: su-lin

Uhm, no.  I don’t scrapbook.  
But I do make 3D and other
cards.  Does that count?





Photo credit: self!


Yup.  Too many meds after my taste…







Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic


I positively love the sound
of chattering birds as it tells
me Winter is really over.
Spring is here! Yay!





Photo credit: Electroburger


I was born in some obscure little village in the Bible belt of the Netherlands.  Believe me,  you don’t wanna know more.  Really.




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10 responses to “Meet me on Monday…

  1. Hello – Happy Monday. You sound chipper! Which is always good. I posted a poem at Monday Madness today and would love to know what you think. It’s called Eternal Bondage – about my relationship with mental illness.

    Hope all is well with you this week. Shah .X

    • Shah, yes, I am chipper today, nice for a change! Getting some of my household chores done, finally :o)
      Thanks for stopping by. I am sure to check out your poem!
      Have a happy week!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so glad you did. I also have too many medications for my own taste and I do think that making neat 3-D cards counts in the way of scrapbooking! Nice to meet you :).

  3. I think making cards counts as scrapbooking. I tried making cards a few times but I was never very good at it. That card in the photo looks really good 🙂
    Have a great week!

    • Jo-anne, welcome to my blog.
      Thanks for your compliment!
      You are very talented and creative by the looks of your sites! And can I say it? I just love me the Australian accent and the differnt words you use in the English (or should I say: Australian?) language! Balmy!
      Boy, do you live a challenged life… no doubt you can relate to some stuff I write here…
      Nice to ‘meet’ ya!

  4. I think making cards is considered scrapbooking and then some! Those get really intricate and fancy. I’m sure they take a lot of time and patience, like the one in your picture…so pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Looking at everyone’s pictures of tacos is making me crave a taco hardcore, haha

    Have a great week! 🙂

    • Hi Amber,

      Thanks for subscribing, makes me do a happy dance 🙂
      Some cards can become pretty tedious, but I like it!

      I am not such a taco/Mexican foodie anymore. Think I had too much of it while living in the States, lol

      Glad ‘meeting’ you!

  5. mysoulforsale

    Haha… super cute post. Yes, making 3D cards DEFINITELY counts you in as a crafty-scrapbooking type… I know this because I am NOT one of those people!

    And I agree: birds singing is a beautiful thing. Perks me up every time I hear them!

    • Thanks for the comliment, makes me smile 🙂
      I am gald my card making substitutes for scrapbooking, yay me! lol
      Oh yeah – when finally that pesky Winter has come to an end I am all over rejoicing, so ready to hear bird song, see flowers bloom and leaves appear on trees…. *sigh* Spring is the best time of year!

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