Curve balls

Photo credit: Terry Dye

It’s been a though week.  Life threw me some unexpected curve balls.  Oh wait,  maybe they are always unexpected?  I dunno a thing about baseball,  really…


The major one is that tomorrow night (early afternoon for USA peeps) I will be sharing about mental illness and bipolar disorder with my youth group.  That’s what a hypomanic episode might lead to…

To be honest,  I wanted to share about it either way.  For one,  to break the taboo of mental illness and two,  to disclose a little about my bipolar disorder.

It will sure be an interesting evening… truth be told I am even a little nervous,  really.

But then,  since I will share with them that Winston Churchill, Vincent van Gogh,  Mel Gibson, Jean-Claude vanDamme,  Brian Wilson,  Carrie Fisher,  Patty Duke,  Stephen Fry,  Robin Williams and some Dutch authors had or have it,  at least I can’t deny being in good company!


The evening went real well – I was composed and was able to calmly share the facts about mental illness and bipolar disorder.  Much to my relief I didn’t even remotely feel like crying,  even though it had been a very emotionally week for me.

The youth received it well.  They were respectful and understanding.  What more can one ask?  We will take it step by step,  but I belief it’s been good to have it out in the open!


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6 responses to “Curve balls

  1. Leslee

    Curious … what does Fenny mean in Dutch? My husband came across your site and sent me the link. First, I looked at it and decided there were entirely too many words. I then realized I was spiking with my bipolar and just didnt have the focus or patients it takes to actually read your site. Well, today is a new day and I hope it is bettter than yesterday. As I stared reading your site the thought occured to me, wow, this lady really has a gift for the pen. I do enjoy the way you write. I cant help but feel a bit jealous of you. I am waiting for SSD to approve my case and have not been well enough to even think of helping kids understand the disease. So, Iam looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day. Thanks

    • Hi Leslee and welcome to my site!
      Oh yeah, I get that some days words don’t make sense… Glad today is a better day for you.
      Sorry to read that you had to apply for SSD, but at least it’ll give you rest which will help in dealing with your bipolar I hope.
      *blush!* ~ thanks so much for your compliment! I am of course tickled that you enjoy my writing and my blog 🙂
      I’d love it if you would join in discussions and give your view on life with bipolar. I am always in for other people’s stories!
      All the best to you!

  2. Fenny,
    I’m so proud of you and thank you for making this world a better place!

  3. Great job talking to the youth group!

    Speaking in public is hard enough, then take into consideration your topic, to teenagers – that’s really tough. Especially as you had a tough week. I hope you weren’t too exhausted afterwards and could bask in the satisfaction of a job well done.

    • Hi Alison!
      Even tho I’ve a lot of experience speaking in public, this was much harder. You don’t always know how young people will respond.
      I waas exhausted – but very satisfied as well!
      Thanks for visiting, hope to see you back 🙂

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