…from the Effinghamptons!!

Right,  it’s Tuesday again and below you’ll find my rant for the week.

Please,  join us at Hagler Happenings!



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7 responses to “Postcards…

  1. That is NOT cool! There are many blog scrapers out there taking credit for other people’s work.

  2. No, it really isn’t. I’d really advise to sign up with some service that checks for use of your content. I signed up for free with Fair Share.
    As far as this stealer is concerned: I sent a formal complaint (called DMCA) to the blog host and the offended post has been removed YAY!

  3. God – if they want your post – ask you to guest post or at least take it and put your name and link on it as the author! Jeez – how rude? I know this happens but it’s unlikely most of us will find out? Lucky you did – hope you left a grievance comment beneath it!!?

    Thanks so much for supporting my little Monday Madness Blog Hop. Really means a lot. I’m bipolar and know how much it can feel so isolating. Things we feel and experience are varied within our illness, but unifying too – in that we feel so different to those without it. At least, that has been my experience. Even though my brother had it (suicide) and my sister and niece have it – it still is an isolating illness. The blog hop is an attempt to commune with and join up our community of mental health bloggers and your support will really help. Shah .X

  4. Hi Shah! Welcome to my blog!!

    Yep, I did leave a grievance comment pointing readers to the original content, but it had to be moderated first, grrr.
    After I filed a DMCA with the web host, I left another comment stating what I had done.
    Apparently whoever is behind the blog – no info whatsoever – did take the offending post down, before the legal department of the blog host was able to do sth.

    I am so sorry to hear that your brother comitted suicide, I can’t imagine the pain and horror that brings…

    Thanks for doing the bloghop, my aim with this blog is to build realtionship with others and educate the interested person. Your bloghop will surely help! Now I just need to remember to link up and check others out 🙂

  5. woe! that is just crazy! i get a little freaked sometimes wondering what would i do if that happened… so good for you to bring it to their attention…

    • Shelley, I freaked out!! I was all over twittering Lara, Ginger and Tia for help 🙂 Lara was available so she helped me out and I got it dealt with. It’s so good to have support!!!!

  6. Hej Simon, Tanken var 100 kroner pr. mÃ¥ned sÃ¥ længe at man var med. Men projektet er lige lagt pÃ¥ is. Inde pÃ¥ trylleskolen laver vi sÃ¥ nye projekter som mÃ¥nedens trick, Ã¥ben hus arrangementer og den slags. Bare følg med i de nyhedsmail jeg udsender og pÃ¥ FBspnsp;&bbsn;&nb&p; 

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