Is it really too much to explain watcha doin’?!?

Those of you who read my previous post,  know that I have been prodded and poked at over the last 5 days since having been in hospital with severe abdominal pain over the weekend.

"Oh, here's the problem!"

This gets me started about a serious pet peeve I have.

Doctors who do not explain what they are doing and just rudely ‘do it’.

Especially all the prodding and poking in one’s private area.  Without much ado they just stick fingers in you.  I HATE THAT!

Is it really too difficult to explain what you are going to do and do it gently???

I am a human being,  a person,  with feelings and emotions.  You are touching my private parts,  which are called ‘private’ for a REASON.  Is it really too difficult to regard them as such?!

Out of the three times I have been prodded and poked in my private area,  TWICE I had to call out to get the doctor to pay attention that I was NOT a happy person with what he/she was doing.

With the prevalence of sexual abuse,  there is another HUGE reason to be gentle when examining someone in that area.

The examination that takes a minute for a doctor to perform,  reverberates for days in a person who survived sexual abuse.  And believe me,  I know!

This is a huge reason why I have taken a break from all examinations despite I still having pain (albeit bearable more or less) and no diagnosis.

I can’t wait to be given an opportunity for a teaching slot for the medical profession.  I can teach them a lesson or two!!

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6 responses to “Is it really too much to explain watcha doin’?!?

  1. Oddly enough, I’ve found women doctors harsher than the males. You would think that a woman would understand the need to be a lil more gentle under those circumstances! lol oy.

    I’ve been where you are now, Fenny… frustrated and disgusted to the point of giving up… but don’t let them do that to you. In effect, you’re hurting yourself because you’re still in pain and there’s nothing being done about it. Second opinions are a necessity, and here in the states, a requirement under some circumstances. Don’t give up, Fenny. I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

  2. Thanks Ginger!
    It IS disgusting and I won’t give up. Sometimes I’ve got to be ‘nice’ to myself and allow recovery before continuing.
    Tonight while I was talking to someone, it became a lot clearer where the pain is coming from. I’ll write you an email.
    The woman gyn was worse than the male GP. Maybe also because I expect a woman to understand, so I was more shocked by her behavior.
    Hope you are well soon!! ❤

  3. seriously. Very little can be more disturbing when you are already distressed, but good for you for knowing you need to heal one part of yourself before continuing to seek treatment for the other. No sense exacerbating trauma with trauma. I think that makes you stronger and wiser.

  4. Thanks Melody! Support from others like you is very comforting!

  5. hi fenny,
    i’m so sorry that you are going through all of this pain and i know how awful doctor’s can be… as a patient and as a parent from both ends.. sometimes they just forget we are “human” flesh and blood with feelings not just a number or name on a chart.. they really need to teach a bedside manners class in medical school.
    wishing you well!

    • Shelley, thank you! I am in no doubt you have had more than your fair share of inhuman doctors… Shame on them as they do get taught about bedside manners etc. At least here in Holland, but I am pretty sure it is part of every medical curriculum. I hope that I made those two doctors think! Dorks!
      Have a good weekend!

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