… from the Effinghamptons.

This is my first attempt at a Bloghop 🙂 hosted by Jill from Hagler Happenings.

Hope it works out and you’ll enjoy it!



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5 responses to “Postcards…

  1. I tell my mother this all. the. time. when she expects my sister to change. It is insanity. Thanks so much for linking up. =) You rock!

    • Hi Jill, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. You make me blush…..
      I haven’t yet worked out how to get the image bigger, (tried your twitter suggestion but can’t get it to scale down properly) but I am definitely into bloghopping now! Thanks!

  2. Here’s what MamaRobinJ said in my comments:
    Twitter: mamarobinj

    Fenny, in the image editing option it defaults to small(er). If you click on the image when in edit mode for that post, it will give you the option to edit and you can choose small, medium, large and normal (or something like that). Choose “normal” or whatever it says, and it will be bigger. Voila!

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