My life is ‘under construction’…

The Eiffel Tower,  Paris,  France,  under construction.
(public domain)

My first appointment today was with my diabetes nurse – a new one.  I hate when that happens,  I just got used to the ‘old’ one.  And happened to like her very much (which was mutual) – it just clicked.  She got a new job, which is good for her,  but a loss for me.

You know,  it just takes time for me to warm up to a new person,  especially when dealing with sensitive issues.  Now is diabetes in itself not really a sensitive issue,  but how it got me there and what I need to do to preferably get out of it touches some very sensitive issues for me.

Like my weight gain – one of the reasons I have onset-diabetes…. so losing weight is an issue.  I can blame my weight gain on my meds,  which is true. Unfortunately, that is only part of the story.

Overall I am a healthy eater,  but I have a few very unhealthy habits.  I am addicted to chips (crisps for you Brits,  can you send me a bag of salt & vinegar crisps?  Pretty please?) and liquorice,  the black goodiness.  Except,  there is a lot of crap in it.  (Not literally, you!)

There.  I wrote it.  Now you know what NOT to give 🙂

Another issue:  exercise.  The good news is that I have to bike to everywhere I go here in good ole Holland.   Also,  next week will find me in a swimming pool (yikes! can everyone please close their eyes?).  At least I am going with a good sized friend. 🙂  I do get some exercise,  but not nearly enough.  At least I am working on it,  literally.

Soon a new person will enter my life.  A dietician. I already know what she will be saying to me,  apart from the foodie issues:  Live regularly.

My second appointment today was with my p-doc.  You know what he told me,  amongst other things?  Yep.  Live regularly.

You have to know that I have not lived regularly for the most part of my life.  Especially my eating has been off since my early teens.  The last 15 years I have led a very irregular life style due to my voluntary social work.  And I loved it!

Now I have to make my peace with:  Same time to bed,  same time up.  Same time breakfast,  lunch and dinner,  with proper ‘snacks’ in between to keep the glucose level in my blood happy,  every day.  Regular exercise should be thrown in on a daily basis for good measure.

Now,  help a sista out:  Has your life ever been ‘under construction’?  How did you  do it?

Follow-up post:  Construction,  maintenance,  demolition…


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2 responses to “My life is ‘under construction’…

  1. I totally hear what you’re saying about life being “Under Construction”.

    Here is my view:

    Everyone’s life is either in a period of construction, maintenance, or demolition… I feel right now I’m in a demolition mode with an eye maintenance. I wanted to attend college so I did but now I’m stressed out. It is taking everything I can do to attend class.

    A dietician sounds like a very good plan. I would love one. I live on an American diet. Hamburgers, chips, junk food and an occasional vegetable or steak. It has a lot to do with my mental health and I know it but changing old habits is not an easy task as I’m sure you know.

    Peace and Love,

    Josh Jensen

    • Josh, thanks so much for responding, I love that!
      I totally hear ya about the diet in US of A – lived there myself and added on the pounds partly because of eating habits…
      I really like your approach of construction, maintenance and demolition. I am sorry you feel in demolition right now. That stinks! But kudos for you for attending college. Keep on going and keep your focus! First things first, other things have to take a back seat and in my thinking that is okay.
      Peace and love to you as well, in massive amounts!

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