An Elevator Pitch – Yeah, right.

To better my blog for the occasional reader and to enjoy myself,  I joined the 31-day challenge of SITSGirls.

Today is the first day and is focused on the elevator pitch. Meaning that one should be able to pitch one’s blog in the time it takes for an elevator to go up or down.  Right!

It makes me feel like looking into the elevator shaft – hoping not to fall down… which would shorten the time even more,  gasp!


I have done a lot of thinking,  brainstorming and deciding.  The additional e-book says it should take about 15 minutes to do this exercise,  bwahahaha!  More like half a day. 🙂

But it has been decided:  this blog is gonna focus on Bipolar Disorder and I am gonna take out the other bits and pieces that I am also passionate about.  That hurts a little,  but who knows that one day I can handle two blogs.  One can always hope,  right?

This means that I will be making changes in the header,  except that it’s not possible.  So,  I will find a creative solution and let you know what happens.

On to my elevator pitch:

Short: The Crazy Rambler – My unique view on Bipolar Disorder as it applies to my life.

Long: Do you want to get to know other people with Bipolar Disorder?  This blog is for you!  Let’s share our hearts, give support and encourage one another thru the swinging lives we lead.  Have you ever wondered what living with Bipolar Disorder is like?  This is your chance to take a ride on my personal swing!  The ride can be rough,  a challenge,  fun,  gentle,  unexplainable,  but definitely worth it.  One thing is for sure:  you’ll never have a dull moment!

Feel free to comment and give ideas to help a sista out.  I have no idea if this pitch really works or no.  (Too long?)

I am still hoping I haven’t tumbled down the shaft 🙂


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16 responses to “An Elevator Pitch – Yeah, right.

  1. You’ve got off to a good start here Fenny. Looking at your tag cloud, it seems a lot of your writing is at least tagged with Bipolar Disorder so the pitch and focus of your blog seem to be gellin!

    I haven’t read through you blog but your tag cloud and “about you” section also suggests you frequently write about faith (God) and perhaps your location or heritage. Perhaps you might be able to incorporate those into your pitch like “The Crazy Rambler – My unique view on Bipolar Disorder and faith as it applies to my life in the Netherlands.”

    This would get you a few more key words in your pitch that could help drive more traffic to your site if you post it anywhere with a link to your homepage or as part of your site’s meta description.

    You could also tag yourself as “the Crazy Rambler” on social media and use it as your blogs tag line to increase your branding…but that’s an off topic thought I just had. 😀

    You expanded or longer pitch looks good too. It’s informative enough to help anyone know what they’ll find here without killing them with information.

    (BTW-totally LOVE the title FenMail! Very catchy!)

    Happy Blogging from one 31DBBB SITSa to another!

    • Fenny

      Oh, thanks Jenn for your usefull tips and encouragement! I really appreciate it.

      I’ll add the faith and location part – was afraid that the short pitch got too long.

      I have no idea yet about ‘meta’, what it is nor how it works. Hope it will be covered in the 31dbbb, though.

      FenMail is from my newsletter that I sent out when I lived abroad. I love it too. If I go along with The Crazy Rambler for this blog, I might have to retire it for now :(.


  2. Fenny,
    I think you are doing great and likely on the elivator rather than in the shaft 😉

    I’m glad to have found you as my daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar and it is quite the learning curve. I am trying to learn from everyone and from everywhere.

    I’m participating in the 31 DBBB too. Can’t wait to get to know one another! I blog over at:


    • Fenny

      Hi Melody,

      Thanks for your encouragement, so appreciated!

      Glad that you found me, hope it will help you with your daughter. Raising a child with Bipolar is sure challenging!!!

      Love to hook up too!

      I’ll hop over to your blog.


  3. Hi Fenny, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great job on your elevator pitch. I felt like doing that today has helped me focus in on what my blog is really about. Sounds like you did the same thing!

  4. Lin

    Hi Fenny! So glad to have found you! My hubby suffers from depression (and possible bipolar disorder) and I always find it so refreshing to find people willing to actually TALK about it! Thanks for letting us in!

    As for your pitch, I think you’re off to a GREAT start! I wonder if you couldn’t incorporate location and faith this way in the short pitch:
    My unique view on Bipolar Disorder, faith and life in the Netherlands.

    Your long pitch is great. I especially love the second half, because I fit in that audience. But, I almost think you have two pitches there, depending on the audience. Not sure if that helps or not!

    Looking forward to watching the blog transformation! 🙂

    • Fenny

      Hi Lin,

      So great to meet you here!! I am so excited about this challenge and the good it will bring to others.

      Feel free to contact me any time and ask any question you might have. I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to listen and have lots of experience/empathy.

      Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, I do think those are pitches for two differnt audiences, two sides of the same coin really. If you could help me by asking questions from your side of the coin, I would greatly appreciate that.

      Looking forward to getting to know you better!

      Tommorrow I’ll hop over to your blog. It’s too early here right now (like 4 am, gasp!).

  5. I like your elevator pitch! Stopping by from SITS! I am doing the challenge too! Good luck!

    • Fenny

      Anna, Thanks for stopping by! I hopped over to your blog and am very impressed – it looks soooo neat! If I am still bloggin in November (1-yr mark) I have promised myself that I am allowed to spend some money on blog-design (provided I can afford it, lol). I love how you did yours!

  6. Amy

    You sold me with your elevator pitch! I definitely agree with some posters above about adding in location, but other than that I think you are onto something great here.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier 🙂

    • Fenny

      Amy, thank you so mcuh! I luv myself some comment-luv, honestly! It makes a world of difference to have some support – so glad we found one another!

  7. G’Mornin’, Fenny! 🙂 Sounds like you’re on the right track to me! Isn’t it funny how the activities in 31DBBB are motivating us to finally focus where we need to? I’ve gone through a similar process lately, new site title, updated header, page re-writes… whew! It feels good though, to be so productive and come out of it all with a clear focus… I’m happy to see you’re experiencing the same.

    Focus is good and all, but remember to be yourself. If you’re so very passionate about something that doesn’t ‘fit’ with the focus of this blog, you don’t have to avoid the topic completely, we’d lose a part of you that way…

    • Fenny

      Ginger, it feels as if we could be good friends! I like it mucho that we met thru SITS. I luv your humor. and you are very kind and generous with your advise – I find that a treasure.

      Thanks for your comment – esp about being myself. That’s why my faith & life have been added to the tagline. And I’ll continue to write the odd story that is happening in my life – we can’t be too serious now, can we? Life is hard enough as it is 😉

      My other passion is living abroad and caring for prostitutes esp in relation to trafficking. In Holland there already are organisations doing this, I wanna go where it’s not being done yet. And where there hasn’t been any focus on it, like in Thailand, Cambodia, India and such countries. I’d like to focus on Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine, where I’ve been involved with this before. This doesn’t fit so well with the Bipolar thingy…. So maybe another blog lies in my future??? Who knows!

      I agree with ya that the 31dbbb is motivating and helps to focus. In particular meeting new people is awesome. (count yourself as one of em, *wink*)

      Happy catching up!


    • Fenny

      Hi Ginger,

      Thanks for commenting! I sent you an email 😉

  8. I think the new focus is great. I thought about starting another blog using one of the things I’m passionate about but it’s not a happy topic and I don’t know if it would do more harm than good writing about it all the time.

    I think with the new focus you can really help people and being the Crazy Rambler is a good way to brand yourself.

    • Adrienne, thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry to be late in replying – my akismet is to blame, your comment got lost in the spam filter, grrr….
      Thanks for your encouragement. I do like the changes I’ve been making.
      Your blog is great too! I will be following it, as in the mix of everything I’m an emotional eater as well. I love your approach and your honesty.
      You made me really curious what you’d like to blog and are passionate about….. care to let me know? (U can always email me or so.)

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