A 'holiday', a crash, a funeral and work… all in one week!

Sorry for being quiet this past week.  It’s been a fairly crazy one…

First I thought I had “won” a neat holiday package deal for 4 to go to Florida and got so very excited.  A couple of days later I wanted to show it to my friends and came across a number of complaints about this resort because of lots of hidden fees.  Shock!

At first I thought I was stuck with it.  When I dived into it,  I saw to my relieve I was able to cancel it within 7 days.  So I got immediately on the phone,  asking straight questions about additional fees and it turned out to be true.  With some difficulty  (boy, those people are a drag!!!)  I got it cancelled.

I felt totally stupid.  I never enter in such things,  why I did now I have no idea.  After all,  I know that what seems too good to be true usually is.  Oh well.

The next day I met with a very nice lady who is gonna help me find a voluntary job that fits me.  It is so exciting to have someone to help me as I hadn’t gotten very far on my own.

And truth be told,  I am soooo ready to do something outside of the house.  And I am excited that after 5 years I have finally reached the point where I am ready to embark on the journey to return to the work force.

That same day a window popped up on my computer looking like my anti-virus telling me I was under threat.  I pushed a button to deal with it and boy,  did I get myself into big trouble.

You see,  in the back of my mind I was already doubting this holiday package deal,  waiting for the other shoe to drop.  So my first thought was:  ‘see,  here we go…’

Please,  learn from me:  Never, ever do this!! Click it away and let your own anti-virus run to check your computer.  The only way to deal with the fall out was to re-install everything – costing me quite some money.  Argh!

The next day I had a funeral of a 91-year old mother of a friend.  It was a beautiful service.  The morning had looked promising with a watery sunshine,  but in the meantime a storm was brewing and the wind had become icy cold.

The next day I felt all my sinuses and had a nasty headache.

The next day I thankfully did feel better,  since I had youth group that evening.  But I have slipped in a depressed mood after a good talk with my counselor the day before,  working thru some stuff.  We had a good evening, though and as usual I enjoyed spending time with them.

The only drawback is that it takes so much more energy out of me when I get into those funky moods.  Oh well.  I can live with that,  cuz it’s so totally worth it.

So that was my week,  being all over the place,  literally and figuratively.  How was yours?

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