I am sooooooooooo surprised (and excited!) that a picture showed up on my previous post!   

After spending way-to-much time on the internet, trying to find free photos and such,  it didn’t seem to upload.  So in the end I decided to take a pic myself.  Easy,  right?  WRONG! 

Once I had plugged in my camera into the USB port to start downloading,  it reported immediately an error.  In fact,  it turns out it destroyed my USB thingy that makes one USB port into 4.  Yep.  Disgusting,  is it not? 

First I thought that the things I had stuffed in that USB thingy were destroyed too.  My mood dropped seriously, people :(.  But getting thru the mess I found out everything still works, except the thingy.  Thanks,  camera!

Now I have once more the problem of just two USB ports and more stuff to stuff into them…

(Excuse the very technical language,  I am severely computer-technically challenged.  Can someone with more experience come over and SHOW me how all the stuff works?  No?  Really no?  Now come on!  Help a fellow blogmie out,  peeps.  SIGH.)

BTW – If anyone has a suggestion as to where to get good free downloadable pics,  please let me know and ease my suffering brain!  Thank yew.

Photo courtesy of  www.beautifulfreepictures.com



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2 responses to “Piczzzzzzz

  1. You have a link here, so I am not sure why you asked for my help.

    • Fenny

      I know Michelle, but that was by way of simply typing the address. What I really want is to be able to write ‘look here’ (underlined) and being able to click on it to get to the mentioned webaddress. If that makes sense? It looks so much nicer that way, especially in text, than an ugly long web address, know what I mean?

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